4th of July and Dogs

Boston Terrier 4th of July Fireworks
Happy 4th of July, Can't Wait for July 5th! Love, Dogs

To Humans:

Fourth of July fireworks can be both scary AND physically painful to dogs' sensitive ears.

What can you do?

At the very least make sure your dog is wearing a current tag. If not - or if you have a doggie visitor - drop everything and go write your phone number on a piece of paper and scotch tape it to the collar. Right now. Go! :)

If you're on vacation for the Fourth of July and your dog is back home, make a quick phone call and have the caregiver put his/her phone number on your dog's collar. Lots of dogs unexpectedly break out on July 4th.

Know that bad or unusual behavior may pop up seemingly out of the blue. Or your dog may completely panic and freak the *f* out. Watch closely and take action if something seems off.

For example, my dog niece snarled when her doggie friend stopped by which was totally out of character for her... buuuut there have been fireworks going off in their neighborhood all week. The likelihood of little Lola being somewhat stressed out and on edge? Pretty high.

I used to take my super sensitive Aussie into our car inside the garage with the car radio on and some yummy treats for distraction during the worst of the BOOMs.

If your dog's a "world is coming to an end" type, think of any friends who live in an area where local firecrackers are prohibited or aren't quite as loud and invite yourself over :)

If you've had your dog less than a year and haven't been through a Fourth of July with them yet, maybe stay home for this one. Make sure everything goes smoothly and be there in case it doesn't.

A happy dog means a happy human - here's wishing you both a Happy 4th of July!

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